there was me, the unpsychedlic, several miles over the ocean, there was an ocean of her's, well a pond really. our boat was riding on air, sometimes white caps appeared, the captain would concern himself, the wings rocking up and down, what is the frequency of death, obviously not the speed that i type, for i can complete this story before i die. on land there are loves and crimes and small time village dances... i've got cambodia on the headphones and she tells me. "yumm tryyyy dommn kow", un aum na kai, dum na tae.."

this story is not for those sitting in the rows... it is for the one here in this seat. and the one next to him and so on.

together, half god's, quarter gods, watches worn by gods all watching over each. other of us in another 's hands.. my universe, your hands, my hands your eyes, :hey, let's preserve each waking moment in time, everything we try, lets keep it frozen forever, right there for review. the key the key... the key escapes me, it always has... those that have been before... they escaped.. the key continues to escape me.' this hungry mouth order, this me frist, this me first, me first not second, this must go... it is not important who comes first, only that they have oppoortunity to perform.

rule 1

it only matters that they have an opportunity to perform.

rule 2:

whatever rules you may have in mind may exist all around you, but be eluding you like so many kkeys you've lost or haven't found yet.

radio cambodia irocking out the worlds song. the whole planet wishes for this little 4/4/ danchehall click to hit their ears before the end... at the end, everyone who wishes to listen to dancehall cambodia, must have access to the small data packet i'm carrying on this laptop and a way to decode it into music.

how about we get rid of the boundaries between abstraction and reality?

err, for instance, llike, i think the seocond mate in charge is from cambodia, he's wearing a blue grin and a bad joke... he's not what you'd call, "american", but he's working on it. gambatte cambodia, japan, china, you can do it. you can unify under the umbrella of capital bablyon... under the rock, on the rock, around the lady liberty, the virgin that always puts out, the consciouseness that forget. the hands that stop


because we can.
and we are friendly, we'll let you.too

rule 2:

i bring airplane conscsiounsess back tto the non airplane. i bring cambodia to the non cambodian. i bring stones and overweight ping women, to the throwne of the universe, to be worshipped as beloved miicrodieties, small idols frozen in time, large in this ships cabin, the clapping hounds cry out for their masters hands... yet more obstacles cleared. son the screen next to me, flashlights, egyptian tombs, a nightmare, a disaster, a boat going down, a plane falling, a country in ruins, ana family lost, speerated from the group... ohh dear families that have beenseperated we love you... ohh dear families, dear children and dear parents and dear old ones.. we have loved you and we love you now. please stay with us. for your will and thy desire to form somethinhg hath made us now. we are a product of you, how have tried. the exorcism will be complete in a few minutes, first we've gotta tie him down, flush the toilets, run the engines, land this thing and figure out whoi w'er' dealing with... just who are we dealing with? he wears a poker face, a suit, his friend calls him a freak. his shirt emblazoned with the letters J P L.. perhaps something todo with nasa.. the futuure, the past, crashes and triumph matter not here, for we are in seat A row 56 iles 1... this is not a free zone. we are confined to a laptop without visual feedback due to battery life a, one brainwashed psuedo hypocritical jehovah's witness, who okay enough strife, gotta unwork this. as quickly as i can type.. gonna resolve it. robert is positive. he's forgiven me many times for not being as cool as he is... and i appreciate that. i do't just appreciate it, i want to let the world knoow, that smith-san is not a bad guy... he'shhe doesn't appear to understand himself, but then neither doi. he is living at a high frequency... we all are. and thos frequencies, those little spheres, or those large spheres. or those pointlesssly big universes pointlessesly large universes, like the prospect of birth, , how alluring is that, birth all around. how can one not rush towards that... you want to know why people pair off and work so hard yes a disaster film for the 6 mile high, wait, the never high, still grounded club of purple backed, blue faced, square starin' universes. wow.. they p[ack a lot into these guys thes these days.. yeah, much freshness... cambodia been turning out ayoki baked been rolls for a few years now.. freeze a moment in time during the single instant during which one of your sense records a red been flavor. a whale rolls over spray flinging out of the ocean, the mother and pup follow.. the onlookers, disgusted the ayoki red been cake could do all this, but those of us on the ground, we've seend it comeing for not many seconds, mostly reverse seconds, but it's here and we've seen it and it's coming and there is a whale below our ship, he is ecstatic, he and she and the littlewhales that follow, ecstatic, becaus life is static it is energized static, it is a conduit, for infinite conduits, a path for infinite paths. a word for the speakers of words. life is divinie. it is beautiful. there's an emergency, someon on the ground can't get access to bean cakess. the whole humanity jumps.. make another make another cake, cambodia is called. she's wailing, she's lost her lover, she'll make another cake, perhaps we'll see him again soon. is it ecstatic, is static what you love... is this noise for ears..? is this landing, softer than you expectd, yes.. i didn't expect to land this softly.. not in a universe with teath and nails and claws and fire, and all that nsasty stuff non postiives get hooked on early on... we have to help themm avoid that... i do see the reason for sheltering, for ignoring now.. we have to prevent our young from negative ... from undoing themselves.. don't undo little one... become become don't undo. for you are something and becoming more something everyday.. please continue. the scattered lights and calmouring voices, they want you to continue.. please become.. something i am not. please tell me why i am... please show me what this is. please help me trust my own hands. for i've given some of myself. both in my heart and from the shelf of time lifted here to bring you light. your motheres eyes, they are so bright. and i've stared in them wonodering what this is. we are who and why so long she whispers love and i fold my hands, curl my toes and fall asleep, in love i am and you're to follow... only positive can create this will, an unexplanaaible one, a single digit, no balanced against nor troubled before... the paradox, it starts over again. dear child, i am your father the world is your game, we've done the best we =could, but it's very broken ... please don't blame. your mother and i are human... we come from somewhere else.. we are like the sand, the stars and the water... never never ending. this formal structure, you'll be taught in schoool it's for your own good, we've thought so now if dear child your heart is brave if dear child your eyes are bright if dear child you're unafaraid in the night, then please follow me ato death, and create for others while you can. bring the hope and wisdom that your mother and i planned. the path is not important, but the journey is why you're hrer. your here to walk and learn to give and take , bot build and destroy at the same time. so share this space and do not challenge the gods that rule, for they are weak, and simply as strong as you. . the only strength the only power, the only moment ofsubstance, the only "moment". the only time. was a single time. a single expression. and it could be termed love, or god, or whatever they'll have you believe, but know, it is within you and you have full control over you're own love. you've joined this world, to lose control, we each take the fall. born is a fall and life is a universe, finally you die, the ascension... haven cycling us through this place for all eternety... heaven cycling nothing to nothing and something to something and even something to nothing and all forms in betwee, and here we are creates of our destiny, given control to others and the environment and then praye please, ... the only way for us to find something outside of ourselfves was to relenquish ocontrol.. to make the sacrifice of uninty, of choesion.. okay, this is all pedantic, bring on the other universes. lets see. what have w egot: is ti fair to look at what you've designed before i get to it? how do i know if you're one of us? how do i kno -----? ohh my heart. yeas. yes . yes... the ecstatic the heart of myine. the thousand suns, in your mind. flowing hair and skin so smooth. i'm in love . slow down anthiony, i remind myself. you can't creat the universe from a keyboard in a plane. relax. relax. relax. relaxing the air, the path forward, the thrust and our mission must go on. we can continue for we love. i love you ----- and i love you -----. i love robert. somehow, i love you. skip to next chapter, this is drivel. neils back on the groudnd... he's been writing for decades the old mage and i haven't seen a word. is the the world the reality incrante. a tribe called quest. is it our small cosm alone above the ocean or is neil writing the same story you write and i write ... this ting we exist. make seperateiospeereation, why so atrtractive, why is unity left behind, why is my fear a crie? ugg, we've completely lost the thread. the air is smooth up here, the cabine is quiet.. of course others have journeyed this way and lived, so of course i must do so as well. the stories they'll tell, am i doning it for them. or is this for now. we need art to save us from those gloomy non smiling people stalking the isles wondering where the next fuck is, where the next universe is, when the next universe will intersect,, the blue suited cambodian continues suggesteing we are all too yuung. i satisfy the universe at least for now with my frenzied typing. the woman beside me asleep, robert still watching a japanases smashorama with amiercan actors and chinese subtitles.. it's a real modern kinda show... the culture slowly working itself back together, realizing where it came from... that's one possibility, do you want it to be one? to be one? one? what faith will i protect, what patch will i create, what universe will i bring, and which stars will i burn. for each life is priceless and i will save them all. on my g4 powerboook silver model with lighted keyboard. i will save the world. anjd this will continue for aeons ... and you will continue to make way for us because w e create these worlds. we , the temple priests of thought, keep the fires burning and the stars swinging round your lovely daffodil daisy duke heads. or the randbody the priests are calling your name, fillin g your mind with flames . watch out o're de girl from the ouv're , for there is but on e who an love your eyes so deep, but many can wish to sleep, there nestled close t home, close to the universes fire iburning in your womb. girl you're a teaste, ii dind't coe here to fuck around. i want a betterlife,, think of it as doubple positive, the twice impossible. that's what i love. a continueiation of th emoment of birith, now a new birth to be powerful and growing, with no more mouths, no reason to eath, just to feed. no reason to cry, only to smil, no sadness at all, that was before... cause in a while, it's just me and here and me and her and she is you, turning and rolling over the atlantice blue. the paciific washes her robes away, the rainbow priestiess, makes love during the day... the rains wash her feet and my head is offten coold, she puts it between her mountains and there i sleep sound. warm . we are not going to move ytoward singularity... it's too simple. we are going to architectu something new.. for this dance, if that is what i deem it to be, this dance should go on. take your seats hortaio, alferstien, wodldengranztz take your seats the 99 councils of none other than one. take your seat and listen for it is theyself, that asks for a brialliant design. a picasso on the verge . a rembrandt in verse... this verse must climb, it moast soar awhile.