As a definer of new music technology [Founder DSPaudio] and innovator of new performance modalities [Modular Improvisation & Live Patching] Anthony Bisset relentlessly pursues a vision of electronic music without boundaries by performing without the use of loops, samples or memorized sequences. His live shows develop entirely through improvisation drawing out lesser experienced phenomenon's such as serendipity, synchronicity and a-causality.

This approach to performing has endowed Anthony access to a vast palette of musical dimensions informed by numerous collaborations with influential artists, DJ's, MC's, improvisors and masters of traditional instruments.

He is frequently seen collaborating with DJ Nozaki [JNR], Toshio Kajiwara [Hex?ion], Kuro Pipe Stardust [OFFseason], DJ Sei [Bonobo], Shing02, DJ A-1 [Spin Scaanlous], Nakahara Masaya [VOG], Takeo Yamada, Carre [MGMD], Shimmy, Identity Theft [Katabatik] and Sayoko Paris [Tzadik/Empties], among many others.

Besides his preference for playing small informal gatherings in the deserts and mountains of California with his favorite party-making crews [Katabatik, Spaz], he has played private yacht parties on the River Seine in Paris, @ Lichtblick Theater in Berlin, @ Mills College Littlefield Hall in Oakland and extensively throughout Japan including the infamous Mixxroffice Tokyo, The Total Eclipse Festival @ Amami Oshima, Silent @ Greens Hokkaido, Uplink Theatre, Liquid Room, Forest Limit, L'Amusee D'Keyaki, Tokyo Hipsters Club, Orbits, Grassroots Koenji, etc., curated the AntiEquation label night @ SuperDeluxe and made over 100 regular appearances at Bar Bonobo all of which led him to support a wide variety of artists including, Merzbow, Tim Sweeney (DFA), DJ Olive, Richard Pinhas, Violent Onsen Geisha, The KLO, ATAK, Masa (Hypnodisk), Hans Fjellestad, Razor and many others.

Since the 3/11 disaster in Japan he has dedicated considerable time to researching and documenting the pitfalls of Nuclear Energy. His findings are incorporated within the Japanese language report "僕と核" produced by Shing02.

His english research is documented at He continues to campaign against nuclear power while the disaster quietly threatens the health of millions in a country he has been so deeply influenced by and called home.